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Pastor Mark A. Broach is the Senior Pastor of the Trenton Deliverance Center Church located at 1100 South Clinton Avenue. He is the proud father of three wonderful children, Aleah (21 years old) and twins that are 13 years old, Mark Alan Jr. and Ariel. Pastor Mark has been married to his beautiful wife Jennifer for 27 wonderful years.

Pastor Mark received his undergraduate degree from Trenton State College more recently known as The College of New Jersey. His major fields of studies were Communication with emphasis in broadcasting and education. Pastor Mark has worked as a radio announcer for a few years before pursing extended time in the education field. Pastor Mark began teaching in the Trenton school district during which time he was the recipient of multiple awards. After numerous years in the Trenton school district, Pastor Mark moved his employment to the Hamilton Township school district. After only a year of teaching math in Hamilton, Pastor Mark was offered the opportunity to lead Emily Fisher Charter School as Headmaster. Upon the death of his father Perkins Broach Sr., Pastor Mark had a new vision and embarked upon opening a private Christian school in his fathers’ name. In 2000 Pastor Mark spearheaded the opening of Perkins Christian Institute for children pre-k through third grade. Every subsequent year thereafter, the school added one additional grade culminating at grade six. At Trenton Deliverance Center Church, Pastor Mark has used his teaching skills and the anointing that stems from God to deliver the word of God to those under his leadership and to those abroad. The Bible study series that are regularly taught are insightful and second to none – those in attendance have grown by leaps and bounds.

Pastor Mark is a leader of a community group that focuses on fighting street violence. This group works at the grass roots level to strengthen our Trenton community. NIMN (Not In My Neighborhood) has also worked on legislation to further protect witnesses to violent crimes.From 2013 to 2017, Pastor Broach served as the president of The Concerned Pastors of Trenton and vicinity organization. As the president, he has led numerous rallies, one being for a new High School. He has volunteered countless hours within the school board in various capacities.
Most recently in June 2017, Pastor Broach opened a Fitness Studio named “How We Fit”. The focus of the gym is to produce an environment where whole families can come and work with a personal trainer to achieve their fitness goals. Along with strength training, the gym also teaches Martial Arts (Shotokah).
Under the leadership of Pastor Mark, Trenton Deliverance has implemented numerous programs and ministries to meet the entire man. Trenton Deliverance Center now offers a recovery group for those recovering from multiple addictions. The church also offers mentoring for both males and females between the ages of ten and eighteen. Pastor Mark has expanded the food pantry to the point of community distribution of fresh vegetables, fruit, bread, juice, salads as well as many other items including canned goods on a regular basis. The church, under the leadership of Pastor Mark, has begun what has been known as “Give-a-ways”. At the give-a-ways, the church gives new items such as sheets, towels, blankets, kitchen items, bath items, chairs and many more household items. Pastor Mark A. Broach has been anointed with a ministry that has captured the Youth, Adults and Senior Citizens throughout the community. Pastor Mark Broach’s message to his congregation members is “Go and Make Disciples”.